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About SpeedyPrep's Test Prep Courses

SpeedyPrep ‘s CLEP test prep is all you need to pass your CLEP exam. You will have access to short instructional videos, OpenCourseWare, a Facebook study group, a progress bar, a Facebook study group, and a money-back guarantee.

Our subscription pricing allows you access to all 25 CLEP prep courses.  Choose a plan that fits you!  Plans start at less than $30 a month.

SpeedyPrep’s CLEP® test prep course materials were created to be comprehensive in scope for each subject. Just as you would learn a broad range of facts, concepts, and functions during a semester-long class, our courses cover those same topics in our flashcard questions. 

Our materials are regularly evaluated by college professors and master AP teachers matched to the subjects they have years of experience teaching. As the College Board changes the parameters of their exams, we have our courses reviewed and updated to meet those new standards.

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