College Credit for Homeschoolers

As a homeschooler you have many options and challenges. What if you could help your children earn college credit and high school credit with one course? Your student can complete general education courses that are accepted at over 2,900 colleges and universities.* See how our CLEP & DSST courses can help you and your family save time and money!




Create Your Own Advanced Placement Program

As your student passes an exam they earn college credit and you can award high school credit.  Allowing your students to earn high school and college credit with one course.*

“As a homeschool mom, I love Speedy Prep… Our oldest just graduated with her Bachelors Degree at the age of 21 with ZERO debt! She passed 7 CLEPs to help get her degree for under $30,000… Thank you SpeedyPrep!!”

– Jenny C.

How it Works

First, choose a college or university that accepts credit by examination.  Excelsior College, Thomas Edison State University, Western Governors University, Liberty University, Charter Oak College, and Bellevue University all have a generous acceptance policies and are all online.

Determine the Courses Your Student Needs

Get a list of accepted courses for the school of your choice.  Then you can purchase a subscription and access all the courses you need.

Schedule the Exam

Once your student’s progress bar reaches 90% on a given subject, you will need to schedule their exam (usually at a local college).


High School Credit

Once your student has passed the exam you can award high school credit and they have also earned college credit.  Saving them time and you money!

“I wanted to drop you all a line and to say thank you for coming alongside our home schooling efforts…Our oldest daughter took examinations after completing your study guides and applied 25 semester credits toward her Associate Degree.  Thank you so much!”

— Denise N.

Why Choose SpeedyPrep?

When you take CLEP courses online, you’re advancing your academic path in a faster and more affordable way. But in terms of benefits to choosing SpeedyPrep, those examples are only the beginning. Take a look at some other amazing reasons to enroll with SpeedyPrep.


Your GPA Won’t Be Affected

When you pass a college class, this doesn’t say a whole lot. After all, you could have gotten a C, or even a D, and still obtained the course credits. While this does result in you getting the necessary credits, that low grade will negatively impact your GPA. This can affect you for applying to future schools, industry-specific programs (such as education or business), and even certain jobs who take the GPA of potential candidates into consideration.

By taking CLEP courses online, you can pass the test and get the college credits, and it will have no impact on your GPA. Even if you just barely pass the test (though we’re confident that with our course help, this won’t be the case), you’ll get the credits and your GPA won’t take a hit

You’ll Save Tons of Money On Credits

We’re not exaggerating — you will save so much more money by passing credit by exam courses online instead of taking them through a university. On average, the potential savings per course is $1,713.38 for a 3-hour college course. SpeedyPrep costs less than $100 per course, versus having to pay almost $2,000 for the same college credits from a university.

You’ll Save Money Down the Road

Lawyers, nurses, doctors, teachers, speech pathologists, and any other job that requires additional certification and/or schooling have to spend some pretty big bucks to qualify for a position. Tests like the bar or the MCAT often cost more than the price of a CLEP or DSST course and subsequent exam. If you save money now that would otherwise need to be spent on college tuition, those are savings that could make a huge difference later on in your academic path.

Did we mention you won’t have to pay for those outrageously expensive textbooks? Not having to purchase textbooks could save you thousands of dollars alone.

You Set Your Schedule

Attending college courses means you have to show up to class on the school’s or the professor’s time. At best, this means rolling out of your bed on campus and walking or biking to class. At worst, this means having to drive through traffic and find parking, all to get to your course on time. And if you happen to hit rush hour traffic on an important class day and end up missing out on essential notes, this won’t be setting you up for success.

By taking CLEP or DSST courses online, you can decide exactly when to fit your academics into your schedule. This amount of flexibility is why so many have chosen to take on CLEP or DSST courses, because you get to operate on your own time. Tuesday night looking like a perfect night to study? Saturday morning at the library calling your name? Whatever floats your boat! Except for exam day when you have to go to a testing center, you’re in charge when you start with SpeedyPrep.

You Can Jumpstart Your Career

You can attend a college for the next 4-5 years (longer if you’re looking to enter job fields that require more schooling), or you can take your prerequisites through SpeedyPrep and cut back on that time by quite a bit.

You’ll know which academic track is best for you, but if you’re looking to jumpstart your career and get ahead with your academics (while saving money!), SpeedyPrep is your best bet.

You’ll Study With a Method That Works

Note-taking in a cramped and crowded lecture hall is, simply put, not an effective way to study. It’s hard for many people to learn important concepts in this manner, where they’re simply being talked at and are expected to crank out as many notes as possible and hope to make sense of them before exam day.

Our CLEP & DSST courses are designed with a flashcard method where you fill in the blanks as you go. Repeated exposure and the mastery learning principle are implemented to guide you to success.

You Test Out When You’re Ready

In what world do you take college exams when you’re ready for them? You guessed it — whereas traditional schools are famous for their end-of-semester exam days, SpeedyPrep doesn’t force you to take any test until you’re ready. In fact, you aren’t ready to test until you reach 90% on your course progress.


Start Studying Today

With SpeedyPrep, your academic path might just be beginning, but it will get you the essential start you need to do well. Save on time, money, and scheduling by enrolling in one of our 24 CLEP o 6 DSST courses online, and see how testing out can make all the difference in your academic experience, your career, and your future as a whole.

*Always check with your college or university to make sure they will accept CLEP or DSST as college credit.