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Online Education Program's Credit by Examination Test Prep Includes: CLEP (SpeedyPrep), DSST (DSSTPrep), & UExcel (Online-EP).

High school students can get a jump on college and complete general education courses from home.

College students can finish their degree from home or complete missing general education courses.

Homeschool students can use these courses to earn high school as well as general education credits from home.

“My senior year of high school…graduated with 45+ college credits.”

“Super helpful! Love this program, I would and already have recommended it to many of my friends. I used SpeedyPrep during my senior year of high school and graduated with 45+ college credits. Saved me a lot of time and money. Support was really quick and helpful too! Thank you so much.

– Jeremy H.


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100% Pass Guarantee

We know our materials work. If you complete a SpeedyPrep course but fail your exam, we will refund your subscription fee.


The average cost of a 3-hour college course is  $1,782, the average cost of testing out using SpeedyPrep is $112.00 (monthly subscription + testing fee).

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*All calculations are based on averages.  Savings will vary.
*Student Loan Debt in the U.S. is Over $1.4 Trillion

"...student who earns 15 CLEP™ credits to apply toward a degree could save nearly $5,000 at the average public 4-year institution and more than $17,000 at the average private nonprofit institution."

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Always check with your school about their specific exam policies and which courses exams are available for.

“…I will recommend this to everyone…”
I passed my exam! It is allowing me to graduate on time, otherwise I would have been short 4 credit hours. I will recommend this to everyone I know who needs to pass a CLEP™ exam. Thank you again!—Alexandra M.

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