SpeedyPrep Frequently Asked Questions

SpeedyPrep Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions About Credit by Examination?

You can prepare for & pass credit by exams with SpeedyPrep. Prepare for and pass CLEP™, DSST™ (formerly DANTES), UExcel™, & Excelsior College Nursing Exams (ECE™).

FAQs about SpeedyPrep Subscriptions

How do I cancel my subscription?

Whether you are finished studying or simply no longer need our services, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

There are two ways to cancel your subscription:

1.  You can do this yourself on the SpeedyPrep website.  Follow the steps below to cancel your subscription:

  • Login to your account and click the “Account” tab at the top right of the page.
  • Click on the “Subscriptions” link.
  • Click “Cancel Subscription”.
  • Add comments and click “Confirm Cancellation”. Do not miss this step!

2.  You can ask SpeedyPrep to do this for you.

  • Email us at support@speedyprep.com and request our support staff to cancel your subscription.
  • Please give us the correct email you used to open your account.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from SpeedyPrep when your subscription has been canceled.

If you need our service again in the future, you can log in to your account and purchase a new subscription to reactivate your account. All of your past study progress will be available.

Can I use SpeedyPrep on multiple devices (tablets/laptops/smartphones)?  

Yes!  You can study on any of your devices, anywhere you carry them, and can connect to wifi.

However, you cannot have your subscription open on more than one device at a time.  The algorithm that records your correct answers and fills in your progress bar cannot work correctly if more than one device is open.  In fact, if you try to open your account and it doesn’t open, the first thing to check is whether you have left your subscription open on another device.

How many subjects can I study with my subscription?

You can study all of the subjects that SpeedyPrep offers.  Many students study for more than one CLEP® exam at a time.  Your subscription pays for all of them.

Do I need to buy additional study materials to use with SpeedyPrep?

SpeedyPrep’s materials are complete and will prepare you for your CLEP® examination.

Does each of my children need their own subscription to study for their CLEP® exam?

SpeedyPrep subscriptions are meant to be used by one subscriber at a time. Each subscriber must have a separate subscription. If more than one student uses a subscription, the progress results will not be accurate for each person, as the algorithm that measures correctly answered questions cannot distinguish between multiple students.

FAQs about SpeedyPrep’s Study Materials

Why are SpeedyPrep’s flashcards ‘fill-in-the-blank?  I thought the CLEP® exam is multiple choice.

Indeed, CLEP® exams are multiple-choice. Our flashcard system requires you to really learn the answers. If you have learned an answer to a question so you can type it in, then you will be able to choose it from a multiple-choice list.

How can I answer the questions if I don’t know the answer?

You don’t need to know the answers to the flashcard questions when you start using SpeedyPrep…because our system will teach you the answers! After you type an answer to a question, the correct answer will appear, along with an explanation and sometimes a video. Read the answer and explanation. You will encounter every question in your subject many times. With repeated study sessions, you will learn the correct answers. Your progress bar will fill in as you answer the questions correctly multiple times.

How long will it take me to finish a SpeedyPrep course?

SpeedyPrep courses are completely self-paced. The average subscriber has their subscription for three months. How long it will take you to earn 90% or more on your progress bar will depend on how often you study and how quickly you are able to learn your subject. As you go through your course, you will move more quickly through the material as you learn the answers. Some people hunker down and study hard over a few days or a week to complete their course and take their exam. It really will depend on your goals for completing your SpeedyPrep course and how soon you want to take your CLEP® exam.

Are these the questions that will be on my CLEP® exam?

SpeedyPrep’s flashcards are not actual CLEP® exam questions. Our flashcard questions will teach you the facts and concepts of the subject you are studying.

CLEP® examinations are selected from a ‘library’ of questions for each subject. SpeedyPrep’s flashcard questions are our ‘library’ to teach you the facts and concepts of the subject you study. You will master many more questions in your subject in SpeedyPrep than what you will face on your examination.

I answered some of these questions already. Why am I seeing them again?

Because repetition is the path to learning! You will answer every question in your study subject multiple times in order to fill in your progress bar. It is this repetition that burns the answers into your memory.

I answered all the questions correctly, why isn’t my progress bar to 100%?

Your progress bar will reach 100% after you answer the questions correctly multiple times. The mastery learning technique is based on the understanding that the brain has to be exposed to information many times before the memory holds on to what has been learned. 

What’s the best way to study with SpeedyPrep?

The answer to this is entirely up to you. You may choose to go over one section of material over and over until you have filled the progress bar up to 100% for just that section and then move onto the next section. However, this can be a bit boring, so we recommend that you get to feeling comfortable with one section, answering the questions several times, and then study the next section. If you open several sessions at a time, the SpeedyPrep program will mix and scramble the order of the questions.

SpeedyPrep’s sessions of study are broken into manageable numbers of questions. If a section of material is large, we will have it presented in a couple of sessions, i.e., parts 1 & 2. This is done to keep you from becoming too fatigued when you sit down to study one section.

When you complete a section of questions, use the ‘repeat missed questions’ button and go back and answer those questions again. You are more likely to remember the answers the next time you study if you review those questions right away.

Can I just watch the videos and pass my CLEP® exam?

Good question. No. Watching just the videos will not prepare you to pass your CLEP® exam. The videos are made to give information that expands on the questions they pertain to. The videos give you context which will help the overall foundation of knowledge you have on your subject, making your recall of answers easier.

Some people use the videos as a quick way to review just before taking their exams.

Do you have any more study tips for me?

Try some of these tried and true practical study techniques:

  • Read questions out loud as you study, and read the answer out loud too. This engages a second of your five senses: hearing. Your mind will register your material both through seeing and hearing.
  • If you find that you have trouble remembering specific pieces of material, jot them down, just as you would if you were taking notes in a class. You will know what your ‘tricky to remember’ facts are after you have studied your subject for a while and can make notes to help yourself.
  • Study where you can concentrate. A quiet place with minimal distractions is ideal. If you study in a busy place try wearing earphones to minimize noise.
  • If playing music helps you concentrate, then play music!

Get up and move around every 20-30 minutes. Take a short walk and stretch a bit to get your circulation moving and to release muscles that are tensed from sitting.

FAQs about CLEP® Exams

I’m thinking about taking a CLEP® exam, but I don’t know where to start.

The first thing to learn is whether your college accepts CLEP® exams. You can find out a couple of ways.

    Check the Admissions Dept. on your school’s website. If they accept CLEP® exam credits, read which exams they accept. It is a good idea to email or call the Admission Dept. as well because policies can change and the website might not yet show those changes.

  • Check with your Academic Advisor.
  • Check the College Board website. They have a search function where you type in your school name and it will show what exams your school accepts. Again, check with your school to be sure the published information is current.

Once you know your school’s CLEP® exam policies, you can choose which exams to take.

Which exam should I choose?

This is a great question to ask your academic advisor. They can review your transcript and tell you where you can use a CLEP® exam to fulfill a requirement. If a couple of different exams fulfill the requirement, they can tell you which ones.

Your academic advisor will also tell you if there is a time frame for applying for CLEP® credits. Some schools have rules for when they will do so.

Where do I take my CLEP® exam? How do I schedule it?

You take CLEP® exams in testing centers located on College and University campuses or at privately owned testing centers.

The College Board has a search function on their website that you can use to find the testing center nearest you.

You can schedule your exam on the College Board website or with your testing center. The fee is $87.00 (2019) which is paid in advance. There will also be a fee paid to the testing center, usually about $20.00 – $30.00.

What happens when I go in to take my exam?

Be sure to arrive early to the testing center! The exam is reserved for a specific window of time. If you are late, you may not be able to take your exam. When you arrive you will need time to check-in and take care of some paperwork before you start the exam. You will be telling the testing center where you want your credit to be reported.

There will be a few questions at the beginning that are not scored for you to get the feel of how the exam will proceed.

When you complete your exam your results will be printed out and you will have a record of your score. This will be reported to your school and the credit applied to your transcript.

If you took an exam that requires an essay, you will receive your results in about three weeks. Your testing center will give you more details.

What if I’m not enrolled in a college or university? Can I still take a CLEP® exam?

Yes, you can certainly take a CLEP® exam. The College Board holds onto your CLEP® credit for 20 years. It will be a part of your permanent transcript.

There are many people, adults, and high school students, who earn CLEP® exam credits in advance of enrolling in school. They look for schools that will accept the CLEP® exam credits they have earned. As more and more schools accept CLEP® exam credits, taking exams can be a strategy to load up a few credits before enrolling.

I’ve taken some AP and dual credit courses in high school? Should I take a CLEP® exam for those subjects?

If your college will accept those credits, then no, you don’t need to take a CLEP® exam on those subjects.

However, if you did not earn the required score on an AP exam, i.e., you earned a ‘3’ but your college requires a ‘4’, you may be able to use a CLEP® exam for that credit. Check with your school to find out if they accept CLEP® exams for that subject. Review your subject with SpeedyPrep materials and you should be well prepared to pass.

When can I start taking CLEP® exams?

Good question! Many high school students take CLEP® exams to earn credits before graduating. Since CLEP® exams cover college-level material, teachers, parents, and their high school students should decide when the student is ready to ‘step up’ to CLEP® exams. A good strategy is to CLEP® in a subject that they’ve already taken in high school. Additional preparation with college-level content (SpeedyPrep!) can prepare you before testing.

What’s the difference between CLEP® exams and DSST® exams?

Dantes Standardized Subject Test (DSST®) is another type of PLA (prior learning assessment) similar to CLEP® exams.

DSST exams were originally designed for military members to earn college credit, but they are available to civilians as well. DSST® does have some exams that CLEP® does not. You can research DSST® exams at GetCollegeCredit.com.

Are there benefits to Military personnel?

The military will pay your testing fees the first time you take a particular CLEP® exam. If you do not pass, you will have to pay in order to retest.