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CLEP Exam: Free Study Materials

CLEP Exam: Free Study Materials

CLEP Exam: Free Study Materials

Testing Out…the best-kept secret in higher education is really catching on. Kudos to you for considering this faster and cheaper option for earning college credit.

At SpeedyPrep, we know that people who pursue credit-by-examination with CLEP, DSST and ECE exams are:

  • Brave
  • Resourceful
  • Pioneers
  • Did we mention brave?

It’s worth repeating because people who pursue testing out of college courses are breaking the norm. When someone decides to NOT to take a semester-long class—but decides instead, “I just need to know what the exam will cover and then find some good study materials to prepare myself,”—we call that brave.

SpeedyPrep has been preparing people to pass CLEP exams for over a dozen years. DSSTPrep, launched in May 2019, is already hearing from happy subscribers who passed their DSSTs on the first try.

The SpeedyPrep and DSSTPrep flashcard format, with tracked progress, works. We have thousands who can attest to that.

But our subscribers deserve more. So, we’ve found additional resources to expand the scope of their learning on their own terms.

It is a fact that learning new information through different approaches helps with the depth of learning and understanding.

Every SpeedyPrep and DSSTPrep course now has a list of online resources—all FREE—that our subscribers can check out if they want to learn in some different formats. Links are included to take you to free textbooks, full courses from highly respected colleges and universities like MIT, Yale, and others. We’ve found free practice exams, podcasts, traditional flashcards, videos and articles for every subject we offer.

Our subscribers can use the resources they find helpful—perhaps it will just be getting a little more information on a topic that they want to understand better. Or, they’ve enjoyed their subject so much they want to get a full experience to learn it in-depth, similar to taking the class.

You can pick your favorite resource—or try them all until you find your favorite! If you haven’t tried CLEP or DSST exams yet, please visit SpeedyPrep and DSSTPrep to learn more about them. Then, choose your exam, and join us, knowing that you’ll have complete study materials with our program as well as other approaches in our new free study resources index.

Last updated: 4/22/2020.
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