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How to Pass a CLEP Test, Part 2

How to Pass a CLEP Test, Part 2

In the previous blog, the CLEP study guide experts at SpeedyPrep gave you the first part of a recipe to pass any CLEP test, on any subject, at any time. We’ll finish that recipe here, adding to your “cheat sheet” so you can pass CLEP exams with flying colors.

Answer every single question on the exam (guess if you have to).

Some exams in the world will actually penalize you for getting questions wrong—as in you get negative points for an incorrect answer (that’s cruel, if you ask us). That’s not how CLEP tests work. As long as you fill in one of the bubbles on a question, you have a chance to earn points—so you better answer every single question on that bad boy to have a shot at a better score.

We’ve all been there—the test-giver says “five minutes remaining,” a bead of sweat pours down your face, and you realize you have 30 questions left to answer. If this is you during the CLEP test, we feel for you—and we also want you to hunker down, get a firm grip on that pencil, and fill in those bubbles with reckless abandon until every question has an answer (or, you know, click that mouse as fast as you possibly can). There’s no harm in guessing at this point—you might even get enough questions right to sneak through with a passing grade. That’s the kind of grit and craftiness that translates to success in the working world.

Double-check your answers.

For those who finish the CLEP test with time to spare—well done, you high functioning scholar. You flew through your test, and that’s worth celebrating—after the test time limit is over. Before you walk up to the test-giver and drop your test on the table with a big smirk on your face, slow down a bit and double-check your answers. You might’ve filled in the wrong bubble (or clicked the wrong bubble) on accident, or you might’ve read a question wrong the first time around. Slowing down, taking a deep breath, and looking over your questions one last time will help you identify mistakes, and that’s going to help your grade in the long run.

However, if you’re split between two answers on a question, we always recommend sticking with your gut-instinct answer that you marked the first time. You’d hate to be the person who second-guesses and changes an answer, only to realize you should’ve listened to your gut.

Use CLEP study guides.

You have two choices when it comes to studying for CLEP tests: you can flip through a massive, expensive textbook, hoping the small percentage of information you glean from the textbook is what’s going to be on the test, or you can take advantage of a CLEP study guide that makes learning the information that’s guaranteed to be on the test easier and more enjoyable than ever before. You don’t have to be a great test-taker to know the right answer here.

SpeedyPrep is your expert source for CLEP prep materials, guiding you through CLEP test material and helping you learn important concepts in a way that’s relevant and easily digestible—and with a 100% Pass Guarantee, you’ll be earning college credit, saving money, and shaving semesters off of your college career before you know it. Get started with SpeedyPrep today!

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