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SpeedyPrep in 2017 (and How It Helps You in 2018)

SpeedyPrep in 2017 (and How It Helps You in 2018)

It was a busy year for SpeedyPrep in 2017. We’ve been working hard to help students around the country and the world graduate faster, save money, and learn more efficiently and effectively—and we’ll continue with that mission in 2018.

In this blog, your CLEP study guide experts will give you a look at what we did in the past year and how it can help you in the year to come. 2018 is going to be a great year for CLEP prep and a simpler college experience—take a look at what we’ve done and what’s coming next!

SpeedyPrep updated and enhanced all course content.

Those who use SpeedyPrep for their CLEP prep and make it through at least 90 percent of our CLEP study materials have a 95 percent pass rate—but just because that would earn us an “A” in any given college course, we’re still trying to get better.

That’s why SpeedyPrep spent the past year improving, refining and updating all course content so it’s as timely, effective, and reflective of CLEP exam material as possible. With the help of top-notch educators, test makers, and of course, students who use SpeedyPrep products, we’ve made our CLEP study materials better than ever before—and that can help you have an easier, faster, and more rewarding path to graduation and the professional world.

SpeedyPrep added affiliate partners.

SpeedyPrep is highly effective for helping students with CLEP test prep—and now, we’ve added partner programs that can help you learn better and earn more college credit than ever before. RN NursingPrep and CNA NursingPrep are the newest additions to the fold, helping students prepare for and pass DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) and Excelsior College Exams (ECE), as well as nursing assistant training. Use any of our three programs, or combine programs for the best results and a faster route to graduation!

SpeedyPrep partnered with MEP for the SpeedyPrep Perks program.

The cost of a college education rises higher and higher every year—and for some, it can make it difficult, if not impossible, to get the college education they desire. That’s why SpeedyPrep has partnered with Making Education Possible (MEP) to deliver the SpeedyPrep Perks program.

SpeedyPrep Perks gives you access to MEP’s suite of benefits for free, so you can learn and share the best kept secrets in higher education and save yourself time and money along the way. You’ll get knowledge and resources from DegreePrep, LifeMart, SOCRATES, and Strategic Education Planning: Accelerated Paths to Degree Completion, as well as discounts on embers also receive a discount on SpeedyPrep, RN NursingPrep, and CNA NursingPrep. Fight back against the rising cost of college, and use SpeedyPrep Perks to your advantage.

SpeedyPrep sponsored the College Acceleration Summit.

Students across the country have desired access to some of the greatest academic thought leaders and professionals in the industry, and the sponsors of the College Acceleration Summit listened. In August 2017, The College Acceleration Summit helped hundreds of students learn from the best in the business on topics like the power of education, earning college credits more efficiently, and learning more efficiently—and a few lucky winners received SpeedyPrep scholarships. Get ready for the 2018 College Acceleration Summit—info coming soon!

How can SpeedyPrep help you in 2018?

SpeedyPrep is always looking for ways to make learning easier, more enjoyable, and more affordable—and that all starts with our CLEP exam prep materials and learning resources. We offer interactive and straightforward courses so you can save time and money during your college experience. Now it’s up to you to get your 2018 off to a great start—join SpeedyPrep today.

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