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What is CLEP? Your Basic CLEP Questions Answered

What is CLEP? Your Basic CLEP Questions Answered

As your CLEP study guide experts, the SpeedyPrep team can get carried away talking about how CLEP can help you save thousands of dollars and shave semesters off of your college career. This is when people come to us with a simple question: what is CLEP, anyway?

In this blog, SpeedyPrep will break down the most basic questions you have about the CLEP program so you can feel empowered on your journey to a simpler, more affordable college experience. If this post doesn’t answer all of your questions, check out the SpeedyPrep FAQ or contact us with any questions you might have!

What is CLEP?

CLEP, short for College Level Examination Program, is a a series of standardized exams spanning 33 subject areas that allow students to earn college credit without taking college courses.

What subjects does CLEP cover?

If you can think of it, there’s probably a test that covers it.  Take a look at the list below of all the available CLEP exams, and click on the corresponding links to learn more about what is covered on each test.



Foreign Language

History & Social Sciences



Psychology & Human Development

CLEP sounds great, but how do I get started?

Before your register for any tests or begin studying, your first step should be to check whether or not your college or university accepts CLEP exams in the first place. The College Board offers a institution policy search function that allows to search what kinds of CLEP exams your school will accept. As a safeguard, you should also call your school’s admissions office, as the acceptance of CLEP exam credit is subject to change.

How many colleges accept CLEP?

Over 2,900 colleges and universities accept CLEP exams, although certain schools accept more CLEP exams than others. Always check with your school before taking a CLEP exam.

Where can I take CLEP exams?

There are thousands of CLEP testing centers around the country, many of which are located on-campus at colleges and universities for your convenience. Military bases often have in-house testing centers as well. Find a test center near you for the easiest CLEP experience.

How do I register for a CLEP exam?

Registering for a CLEP exam is easy! First, use the My Account registration portal, and enter all pertinent information to register for an upcoming test at your local testing center. You’ll pay your exam fee up front. Once you register, you’ll need to call your local testing center to schedule a time to take your test. You’ll be able to add the contact information of your preferred testing center to your registration ticket. Be sure to print your registration ticket so you can bring it to your local CLEP testing center when test day rolls around.

How much do CLEP exams cost?

At the time of writing, a CLEP exam costs $85. However, the price will increase to $87 starting on July 1, 2018. To put this cost in perspective, the average cost of a single college credit hour is roughly $594—and you’re going to need 120 college credit hours to earn your degree. You’ll earn at least three college credit hours with a CLEP exam, all for less money than your annual subscription to Netflix.

What forms of payment are accepted for a CLEP exam?

The CLEP exam registration portal only allows you to pay with a credit or debit card—cash is not accepted.

Will I get my CLEP test results immediately?

You’ll get your CLEP test results right at the end of your exam, except for with tests that have a composition portion.

Do I get penalized for wrong answers on CLEP exams?

CLEP uses a rights-only scoring system, so you will not be penalized for wrong answers like you would be on some other types of standardized exams.

How many CLEP exams can I take?

You can take as many CLEP exams as your schedule allows. However, keep in mind that if you don’t pass a CLEP test, your $85 test fee will not be refunded and you’ll have to wait up to six months to retake the exam.

Can I start taking CLEP exams in high school?

Yes! Many high school students take CLEP exams to earn college credit before they set foot on campus. CLEP exams are also available to those not enrolled in college, as well as military members.

Are there CLEP benefits for military members?

The military covers the cost of your first attempt at any CLEP exam. However, if you fail your first attempt, you’ll have to cover the cost of retaking the second exam if you choose.

How do I learn CLEP material without taking a class?

Learning course material can be difficult without a teacher or professional leading the way—but it doesn’t have to be when you take advantage of SpeedyPrep! Our CLEP test prep programs guide you through the material you need to know for each CLEP exam, and allow you to learn and study at your own pace. Complete your CLEP study guide through SpeedyPrep, and you’re protected by a 100% Pass Guarantee. If you finish a SpeedyPrep course and fail your CLEP exam, we’ll refund your subscription fee!

Why do I need SpeedyPrep to pass my CLEP exams?

If you’re going to save money and graduate sooner, you need a trusted educational program by your side to help you every step of the way. That’s where SpeedyPrep can help—with CLEP prep materials that are completely up-to-date with CLEP exam content, and innovative studying technologies and learning modules, you’ll be able to increase your learning permanence and have a better understanding of course content. SpeedyPrep is accessible on all of your favorite devices, so you can learn on the go, too!

If you have any questions about SpeedyPrep and our CLEP exam prep materials, check out the SpeedyPrep Courses portal or contact us today! Until then, happy studying!

  • I need to get credit in basic communication skill in english. Can you guide me which course cover above defficiency?


  • Thank you for asking. Only your school academic advisor can tell you which CLEP exam may cover your requirement. The College Composition CLEP exam usually covers a written English college requirement. If you are asking about spoken English, there isn’t a CLEP exam for spoken English. I hope this helps!

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